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Learn English

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Sleep Hypnosis

Sleep Hypnosis
Allergy Relief
Back Pain Relief
Be Psychic
Creative Thinking
Effective Speaking
Goal Setting
Guided Relaxation
Lose Weight
Master Martial Arts
Memory Improvement
Migraine Relief
Money & Prosperity
Play Better Golf
Problem Solving
Sales Power
Stop Smoking
Stress Relief
Time Management

Accelerated Learning

NLP Super Learning
NLP Be Confident
NLP Be Relaxed
Improve Memory
Creative Thinking
Speed Reading
Exam Success

Personal Growth

NLP Lose Weight
NLP Draw Love
NLP Stop Smoking
NLP Dreams Come True
Physical Self
Assert Yourself
Love Yourself
Weight Loss
Love Power
Lucid Dreaming
Stop Smoking
Sharp Wit
Let Go
Self Esteem
Secret Agent
Decision Making
Self Confidence
Stress Reduction

Business Success

NLP Draw Prosperity
Public Speaking
Business Success


Esteem & Confidence
Health & Vitality
Wealth & Success
Love & Relationships
Luck & Fortune
Family & Friends
Travel & Adventure
Work & Study


Subliminal Software
18 Languages



Physical Wellbeing
Love & Relationships
Fitness & Sports
Inner Self
Mind Power
Fear Conquering

Mind Power

Mind Power Subliminals
Improve Memory
Speed Reading
Exam Success
Creative Thinking
Focus & Concentration
Creative Writing
Enhance Artistic Expression
Accelerated Learning
Foreign Language Learning
Creative Idea Generator
Critical Thinking
Avoid Burnout

Fear Conquering

Fear Conquering Subliminals
Fear Of Flying
Fear Of Heights
Fear Of Death
Fear Of Enclosed Places
Fear Of Water
Fear Of Driving
Fear Of Crowds
Fear Of Open Spaces
Fear Of Success
Fear Of Failure
Performance Anxiety
Stop Panic Attacks

Physical Wellbeing

Physical Wellbeing Subliminals
Lasting Weight Loss
Stop Smoking Forever
Super Stress Reduction
Self Healing Magic
Relieve Stress & Anxiety
Total Relaxation
Insomnia Relief
Stop Drinking Now
Freedom From Drugs
Recapture Youthful Vigour
Forever Thin, Fit & Healthy
Rejuvenating Youthfullness

Love & Relationship

Love & Relationship Subliminals
Attract Your Ideal Loving Relationship
Rekindle Romance
Intimacy & Relationships
Positive Relationships
Overcoming Shyness
Forgive & Let Go
Confidence With The Opposite Sex
Overcoming Jealousy
Sexual Magnetism And Seduction
Maintain Harmonious Relationships


Spiritual Subliminals
Lucid Dreaming
Develop Your Psychic Abilities
Channeling Your Higher Self
Past Life Therapy
Opening Up To A Higher Power
Spiritual Healing
Power Of The Spirit
Love, Light and Life
Increasing Spiritual Awareness
Discover Your Life's Purpose
Fulfill Your Appointed Destiny

Fitness & Sports

Fitness & Sports Subliminals
Joy Of Exercise
Body Building Boost
Run For Life
Peak Sports Performance
Dynamic Strength
Relax Into Stretch
Instant Recovery
Golf Pro Mentality
Winning Mentality
Increase Aerobic Endurance
Football Pro Mentality
Resting Heart Rate

Inner Self

Inner Self Subliminals
Handling Criticism
Learn To Love Yourself
Managing Anger
Inner Calm
Control Your Desires
Free Yourself From Envy
Freedom From Guilt
Free Yourself From Hate
Find True Happiness
Put An End To Negativity
Develop Patience
Freedom From Worry


Success Subliminals
Massive Motivation
Decision Making
Super Self Confidence
Public Speaking
Positive Thinking
Set Goals
Problem Solving
Rock Solid Will Power
Be More Organised
High Level Communicator
Self Discipline & Determination
Be Intuititative


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