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Wouldn't it be great to enjoy renewed health...more breathe more freely...easily

Release your natural, compelling desire to breathe freely, and live with more energy and vitality!
Sense a potent relaxing force guiding you to breathe fresh, clean air!

We already know all we need to about the dangers of smoking. Yet we keep on doing it. Why? Of course: nicotine addiction, that's the answer. So simple, we're all addicts.

But if that were the end of the story, then all those nicotine patches and gums and inhalers, those new prescription drugs etc. would cure everyone, wouldn't they?

It's not just the nicotine. You already know that. The real compulsion to smoke is not physical.

The medical evidence is that it normally takes 72 hours for the body to remove the nicotine. After that, the only compulsion to smoke is that mystified part of us believing smoking comforts us when we are tense or angry - maybe lonely, insecure or bored.

We need only perform the familiar 'ceremony' of tapping out that first cigarette, smelling the tobacco as we place it between our lips, with match or lighter, torching the end, and taking that first deeeep...drag.

Smoking, our comforting friend, our security blanket, helping us feel good about ourselves - even when it's depriving us of so much!

So maybe our passionate romance with cigarettes needs to end soon - very soon.

NLP Hypnosis MetaVision Programs™

Each NLP Hypnosis MetaVision Program combines the pioneering, deeper learning strategies of Dr. Milton Erickson and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming with the ancient wisdom of many religious, philosophical and mystical traditions - and has been intricately conceived to liberate the positive, life-transforming energy of your deeper mind!

For More On NLP Hypnosis MetaVision Programs™ - Click Here

Sure, our rational mature self - with the best of intentions - tells us we must quit. But that mystified part of us, perceiving life through a smoke screen, is completely freaking out - mistakenly believing that nothing is going to comfort us like smoking: 'Stop smoking? Are you crazy? I know I'm awful, I'm pathetic, but I don't want to give it up. I know I should but I just don't want to... do you understand?'

Yes, we understand your cravings - the feelings of hopelessness and frustration, of failure and self-disappointment - and we can help.

'I began smoking when I was 19 and smoked about 2 ½ packs a day for 30 years. During that time I made dozens of attempts to quit using acupuncture, the patch, gum, and xyban. No method ever succeeded for as much as a full day. I thought the prospect of quitting was impossible.
I never would have believed that a tape would finally give me the freedom to be rid of this terrible habit. It's been surprisingly easy for me to quit (now it's been 6 months), though I did have some cravings the 1st few days, but since then I've been doing fine. The tape seemed to give me a huge boost of motivation to enjoy life without smoking, though most times, I was hardly aware of any influence, and just forgot to smoke.
Now it feels like I've never had a cigarette in my life. I just don't have the craving anymore, and I just can't imagine smoking again. I definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to quit a bad habit without driving yourself or anyone else crazy. It's really been like a miracle for me. I haven't felt this good in 30 years.'

T. A. - New Orleans, Louisiana

The STOP SMOKING program summons forth the magical life force inside - now sweeping you clean of those once self-denying delusions - and enlightening you with a more gratifying perception of yourself - naturally, a fresh clean air breather - enjoying renewed health... more energy... free to breathe more easily!

This new perception is so alluring, so compelling.

In the very times you once smoked, your deeper mind now naturally provides your sense of comfort, and relaxation... now guiding you to enjoy more rewarding, and life-affirming sources for really good feelings.

Silent Technology™

a new revolution in subconscious programming technology.
Concentration not required! Play in background, While sleeping, Relaxing or Working! No special equipment needed. Any CD home player, walkman, stereo, mono earphones, pillow speakers, O.K.

For More On Silent Technology™ - Click Here

So you may be pleasantly surprised to discover you don't experience cravings, or symptoms of withdrawal - that you're feeling more relaxed and calmer as you begin your life as a natural non-smoker.

And you may be surprised that you don't gain weight. If you are overweight, you may even find you are reducing! - your healthy choices naturally spreading throughout your life!

If you have made the decision to stop smoking, the STOP SMOKING program will not only help you stop - but will also transform you for life into a permanent breather of fresh, clean air!

The STOP SMOKING program can certainly be experienced with other cessation programs or products (such as nicotine patches or gums) as a natural supplement to insure your positive results.

'I've smoked a pack a day for 20 years and for the last 10 years, I've tried every method to quit that crossed my path including the patch. I'd tell myself 1 more cigarette, and next thing you know I'd be smoking again. It seemed that quitting would be impossible but your program made it surprisingly easy to accomplish.
I haven't smoked for 4 months, and now label myself as a non-smoker. I'm confident this is a permanent change. Your Stop Smoking tape definitely transformed my emotional dependency on cigarettes. I have had very few occasions on which I felt more than a mild urge to smoke, and even then the urge passed quickly.
This tape is amazingly effective, and the results have surpassed my most wishful thinking. No one who wants to stop smoking should fail to listen to this program.'

P. D. - Portland, Oregon

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NLP Hypnosis MetaVision Program

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Sleep Learning Programs

Unleash the hidden power of your subconscious mind.

All our CD's can be used either awake, relaxed or asleep.

Although all our CD's contain powerful innovative technology that will create lasting changes, their power is maximised when used as part of a sleep learning program regime.

Re-programme YOUR MIND effortlessly - start sleep learning NOW!.

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Physical Wellbeing
Subliminal CD Physical Wellbeing Subliminals
Subliminal CD Lasting Weight Loss
Subliminal CD Stop Smoking Forever
Subliminal CD Super Stress Reduction
Subliminal CD Self Healing Magic
Subliminal CD Relieve Stress & Anxiety
Subliminal CD Total Relaxation
Subliminal CD Insomnia Relief
Subliminal CD Stop Drinking Now
Subliminal CD Freedom From Drugs
Subliminal CD Recapture Youthful Vigour
Subliminal CD Forever Thin, Fit & Healthy
Subliminal CD Rejuvenating Youthfullness

Love & Relationship
Subliminal CD Love & Relationship Subliminals
Subliminal CD Attract Your Ideal Loving Relationship
Subliminal CD Rekindle Romance
Subliminal CD Intimacy & Relationships
Subliminal CD Honesty
Subliminal CD Positive Relationships
Subliminal CD Overcoming Shyness
Subliminal CD Forgive & Let Go
Subliminal CD Confidence With The Opposite Sex
Subliminal CD Overcoming Jealousy
Subliminal CD Listening
Subliminal CD Sexual Magnetism And Seduction
Subliminal CD Maintain Harmonious Relationships

Subliminal CD Spiritual Subliminals
Subliminal CD Lucid Dreaming
Subliminal CD Develop Your Psychic Abilities
Subliminal CD Channeling Your Higher Self
Subliminal CD Past Life Therapy
Subliminal CD Opening Up To A Higher Power
Subliminal CD Spiritual Healing
Subliminal CD Power Of The Spirit
Subliminal CD Love, Light and Life
Subliminal CD Inspirations
Subliminal CD Increasing Spiritual Awareness
Subliminal CD Discover Your Life's Purpose
Subliminal CD Fulfill Your Appointed Destiny

Fitness & Sports
Subliminal CD Fitness & Sports Subliminals
Subliminal CD Joy Of Exercise
Subliminal CD Body Building Boost
Subliminal CD Run For Life
Subliminal CD Peak Sports Performance
Subliminal CD Dynamic Strength
Subliminal CD Relax Into Stretch
Subliminal CD Instant Recovery
Subliminal CD Golf Pro Mentality
Subliminal CD Winning Mentality
Subliminal CD Increase Aerobic Endurance
Subliminal CD Football Pro Mentality
Subliminal CD Resting Heart Rate

Inner Self
Subliminal CD Inner Self Subliminals
Subliminal CD Handling Criticism
Subliminal CD Learn To Love Yourself
Subliminal CD Managing Anger
Subliminal CD Inner Calm
Subliminal CD Control Your Desires
Subliminal CD Free Yourself From Envy
Subliminal CD Freedom From Guilt
Subliminal CD Free Yourself From Hate
Subliminal CD Find True Happiness
Subliminal CD Put An End To Negativity
Subliminal CD Develop Patience
Subliminal CD Freedom From Worry

Subliminal CD Success Subliminals
Subliminal CD Massive Motivation
Subliminal CD Decision Making
Subliminal CD Super Self Confidence
Subliminal CD Public Speaking
Subliminal CD Positive Thinking
Subliminal CD Set Goals
Subliminal CD Problem Solving
Subliminal CD Rock Solid Will Power
Subliminal CD Be More Organised
Subliminal CD High Level Communicator
Subliminal CD Self Discipline & Determination
Subliminal CD Be Intuititative

Reclaim a third of your life for self-improvement, learning and personal enrichment!

If you've ever wanted to master another language, cram up on any subject, commit to personal growth/change or just pass those exams -
then you've come to the right place.

Dramatically increase the rate at which you learn and comprehend!

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