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Absorb any information - while you sleep!

Learn languages, lose weight, break unwanted habits, build self-confidence, increase income, be happier through greater knowledge.
Your non-waking hours - one third of your life - are now non-productive. Tap their huge potential for advancing your career, health and happiness! The science-proven, effortless method.

Now you can productively use the one third of your life that is lost in sleep - without losing your rest. You can learn all you want to learn. You can do all you want to do. You can help yourself in any area you choose by going directly to your subconscious through sleep learning. Your subconscious is the source of genius and inspiration - as well as just plain good ideas. Your subconscious can allow you to release the natural talents and abilities that are locked within you. You can 'computer-record' instructions and information directly to your subconscious - while you sleep; and 'play back' the information for action while you are awake!

"If you want to learn a subject in record speed - but don't want to struggle with finding the time, try sleep learning. Instead of having to nervously face an exam, you'll be able to learn different subjects galore. I've already started using sleep learning to learn another language. And guess what?... 5 new lessons in less than a week. I've always been hit and miss in this department - (not absorbing new words or grammar) - so I'm very pleased with the results. This technique is a godsend for people living abroad like me!"

Monique Bell

Do you remember the effort you had to spend to gather each bit of information you acquired using conventional outdated methods? Do you remember the boring hours spent learning tables of mathematics? Learning a new language? Absorbing a sales message? Business reports? Simple facts and figures? Exam study material? Do you remember the unsuccessful attempt to break an unwanted habit? All this could be accomplished much more easily while you sleep!

How much is one good exam grade, language or subject mastery worth to you? Suppose you could sit down, write a few notes, record them, set your timer and then effortlessly absorb that information - night after night - while you sleep. good exam result could bring you tons of good job offers and new prospects, time and time again - for the rest of your life. So anytime you need to learn anything quickly - you simply turn the tap on. Dollar-for-dollar, nothing provides a better return on investment than education and it doesn't matter what subject matter or area you decide to learn. Education pays, pays, pays! and then keeps on paying you back.

Think about it. A gift of a new language or mastery of a specialist area of knowledge is the most powerful attribute anybody can ever acquire or offer to a prospective employer. In half the time and effort it takes normally, you can pass an exam, learn a new language, or change the way you see things with the powerful application of sleep learning.

Professionals in every field, students and instructors, sales and corporate executives, housewives and mothers; along with many personalities in the public eye have long ago discovered the dynamic and unlimited potential and ability of sleep learning to deliver any material directly to the subconscious - effortlessly!

Now you can join the thousands who are using sleep learning to absorb study material, to develop self-confidence, to increase sales abilities, to improve memory, to learn a new language, to lose weight - and for countless other purposes. Using proven research you can now make changes in your life that last. Finally, even though you may have failed in the past, now you can assure yourself a successful future, though unique sleep learning programs.

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This 75+ page manual includes all the techniques, timings, tips and methods required for creating your own successful sleep learning sessions and programs as well as details on equipment you can use, pillow speakers etc.etc.

Get ready to start learning a flood of new information, over and over, and impress others - just by using these powerful sleep learning techniques.

Sleep Learning automatically starts when you go to bed and quietly whispers your messages and improves your life... whilst you sleep!

Sound exciting? You have nothing to lose by giving it a go. And if it doesn't make big positive changes in your life within 28 days, we'll issue a full 100% refund.

You are absolutely covered by our full guarantee. If you're not amazed by what it does for you, we give all your money back. Simple as that. As soon as you've paid, you'll be able to dowload your Sleep Learning Manual IMMEDIATELY and start sleep learning TONIGHT!!!

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Don't forget: you have nothing to lose!

Why not take 2 ½ minutes now to create a powerful new future for yourself and loved ones?

Start putting the power of your sub-conscious to work for you.

Imagine being able to learn quickly and without effort, areas that you've always been interested in but could never find the time to sit down and study.

"Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future and today is a gift. That is why they call it the present"

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Sleep Learning Programs

Unleash the hidden power of your subconscious mind.

All our CD's can be used either awake, relaxed or asleep.

Although all our CD's contain powerful innovative technology that will create lasting changes, their power is maximised when used as part of a sleep learning program regime.

Re-programme YOUR MIND effortlessly - start sleep learning NOW!.

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Subliminal CD Stop Smoking Forever
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Subliminal CD Total Relaxation
Subliminal CD Insomnia Relief
Subliminal CD Stop Drinking Now
Subliminal CD Freedom From Drugs
Subliminal CD Recapture Youthful Vigour
Subliminal CD Forever Thin, Fit & Healthy
Subliminal CD Rejuvenating Youthfullness

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Subliminal CD Love & Relationship Subliminals
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Subliminal CD Intimacy & Relationships
Subliminal CD Honesty
Subliminal CD Positive Relationships
Subliminal CD Overcoming Shyness
Subliminal CD Forgive & Let Go
Subliminal CD Confidence With The Opposite Sex
Subliminal CD Overcoming Jealousy
Subliminal CD Listening
Subliminal CD Sexual Magnetism And Seduction
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Subliminal CD Lucid Dreaming
Subliminal CD Develop Your Psychic Abilities
Subliminal CD Channeling Your Higher Self
Subliminal CD Past Life Therapy
Subliminal CD Opening Up To A Higher Power
Subliminal CD Spiritual Healing
Subliminal CD Power Of The Spirit
Subliminal CD Love, Light and Life
Subliminal CD Inspirations
Subliminal CD Increasing Spiritual Awareness
Subliminal CD Discover Your Life's Purpose
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Subliminal CD Run For Life
Subliminal CD Peak Sports Performance
Subliminal CD Dynamic Strength
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Inner Self
Subliminal CD Inner Self Subliminals
Subliminal CD Handling Criticism
Subliminal CD Learn To Love Yourself
Subliminal CD Managing Anger
Subliminal CD Inner Calm
Subliminal CD Control Your Desires
Subliminal CD Free Yourself From Envy
Subliminal CD Freedom From Guilt
Subliminal CD Free Yourself From Hate
Subliminal CD Find True Happiness
Subliminal CD Put An End To Negativity
Subliminal CD Develop Patience
Subliminal CD Freedom From Worry

Subliminal CD Success Subliminals
Subliminal CD Massive Motivation
Subliminal CD Decision Making
Subliminal CD Super Self Confidence
Subliminal CD Public Speaking
Subliminal CD Positive Thinking
Subliminal CD Set Goals
Subliminal CD Problem Solving
Subliminal CD Rock Solid Will Power
Subliminal CD Be More Organised
Subliminal CD High Level Communicator
Subliminal CD Self Discipline & Determination
Subliminal CD Be Intuititative

Reclaim a third of your life for self-improvement, learning and personal enrichment!

If you've ever wanted to master another language, cram up on any subject, commit to personal growth/change or just pass those exams -
then you've come to the right place.

Dramatically increase the rate at which you learn and comprehend!

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