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How would you like to use sleep learning

Below you will find just a small sample of the kinds of things you can use sleep learning for.
Applications for the use of sleep learning are only limited by you imagination.

Learn a language faster than ever before
Harness the incredible power of your subconscious to internalise key concepts and grammar. Leaving you free to concentrate on natural language use. One of the best ways to utilise sleep learning is when you need to learn another language quickly and without getting bored. We all know that the only way to internalise a new language is by constant repetition and exposure to the language's sounds etc.

When I first saw your site I was very sceptical. In fact I ridiculed the whole idea, but after speaking to a friend I decided to give it a try. What can I say, this really worked for me and it's given me the confidence to tackle new pastures that before I thought were out of my league. I recommend anyone to try this. It really works.


Apart from the mental effort required there is also the boredom factor to be taking into account. Sleep learning provides a unique way to get that exposure without the conscious effort.

Tried out sleep learning and I must say the results were incredible! Before I had trouble remembering my name let alone a whole bunch of other things. Learning a new language was something I never thought I'd conquer, but thanks to Sleep Learning, my Spanish has come along leaps and bounds. I now even have a Spanish speaking girlfriend. Thanks a lot!


Maybe you're a student looking to pass that important exam problem! You'll instantly have access to a powerful new way to absorb information quickly and efficiently. Never learn the hard way again!
What an amazing find. Now I can relax and KNOW that I'm going to pass my exams. I still need to put in a lot of preparation but now I know I won't get bogged down when it comes to absorbing it all. Cheers and thanks.

Steve Jones

Personal Growth
Perhaps you're looking to achieve personal growth and want a quick way to 're-programme' your mind? - easy! Your guaranteed to produce an immediate "outlook change" whenever you want. We've heard that people are using this to give up smoking, lose weight, break unwanted habits, build self-confidence, increase income and be happier through greater knowledge! Everybody would love to change something, but who can take the time to repeat affirmations to themselves all day long? Now that's not a problem, simple turn over and go to sleep.

"I decided to change my outlook on life in one key area that I had been having trouble with for many years...
By the time I finish with this 'project', I expect to have increased my positive outlook dramatically ...
The cost for this 'new me' is nothing compared to the returns I get when I just have a renewed interest and zest for life and ALL that it offers".

Dan Love

Are you a professional? Well, now you can assimilate masses of new material quickly and almost effortlessly. Introduce new knowledge into your professional life and lots more. Any physician, chiropractor, dentist, accountant, lawyer or veterinarian can use this to quickly and easily keep abreast and widen their knowledge base.

"The best system I have ever used. I have gone through a few other methods of quick learning by other people, none impressed me so much."

Dr Hisham Abdulla,

Or do you operate a sales company or work as a salesman? Then you've got it made. With sleep learning you'll find learning new product details and sales lines a breeze. Concentrate on listening to what your prospect has to say and not on what you are going to say next.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You wouldn't believe the sales I'm getting after learning our new company sales approach to existing customers. Then again, I guess you do believe the success I'm getting. I got probably 15 sales in the last 2 days."

Paul Getty

Which Of These Fill-In-The-Blank, Life Skills Could You Use To Grow Your Personal or Business Life?

Learn a new language
Improve Your Grades
Quit smoking or other anti-social habit
Pass that professional exam
Acquire a new income producing skill
Quickly absorb the essentials of ANY subject
Create a new YOU
Instant Memory
Overnight Vocabulary Power
Doubled Reading Speed
Quick Weight Loss
Increased Creativity

With Sleep Learning you'll get all of this and more. Use it to learn literally anything that can produce results for you - knowledge is power. Now, no matter what subject or language you want to learn - you’ll find Sleep Learning will aid and enhance your progress - dramatically...

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Sleep Learning Programs

Unleash the hidden power of your subconscious mind.

All our CD's can be used either awake, relaxed or asleep.

Although all our CD's contain powerful innovative technology that will create lasting changes, their power is maximised when used as part of a sleep learning program regime.

Re-programme YOUR MIND effortlessly - start sleep learning NOW!.

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Physical Wellbeing
Subliminal CD Physical Wellbeing Subliminals
Subliminal CD Lasting Weight Loss
Subliminal CD Stop Smoking Forever
Subliminal CD Super Stress Reduction
Subliminal CD Self Healing Magic
Subliminal CD Relieve Stress & Anxiety
Subliminal CD Total Relaxation
Subliminal CD Insomnia Relief
Subliminal CD Stop Drinking Now
Subliminal CD Freedom From Drugs
Subliminal CD Recapture Youthful Vigour
Subliminal CD Forever Thin, Fit & Healthy
Subliminal CD Rejuvenating Youthfullness

Love & Relationship
Subliminal CD Love & Relationship Subliminals
Subliminal CD Attract Your Ideal Loving Relationship
Subliminal CD Rekindle Romance
Subliminal CD Intimacy & Relationships
Subliminal CD Honesty
Subliminal CD Positive Relationships
Subliminal CD Overcoming Shyness
Subliminal CD Forgive & Let Go
Subliminal CD Confidence With The Opposite Sex
Subliminal CD Overcoming Jealousy
Subliminal CD Listening
Subliminal CD Sexual Magnetism And Seduction
Subliminal CD Maintain Harmonious Relationships

Subliminal CD Spiritual Subliminals
Subliminal CD Lucid Dreaming
Subliminal CD Develop Your Psychic Abilities
Subliminal CD Channeling Your Higher Self
Subliminal CD Past Life Therapy
Subliminal CD Opening Up To A Higher Power
Subliminal CD Spiritual Healing
Subliminal CD Power Of The Spirit
Subliminal CD Love, Light and Life
Subliminal CD Inspirations
Subliminal CD Increasing Spiritual Awareness
Subliminal CD Discover Your Life's Purpose
Subliminal CD Fulfill Your Appointed Destiny

Fitness & Sports
Subliminal CD Fitness & Sports Subliminals
Subliminal CD Joy Of Exercise
Subliminal CD Body Building Boost
Subliminal CD Run For Life
Subliminal CD Peak Sports Performance
Subliminal CD Dynamic Strength
Subliminal CD Relax Into Stretch
Subliminal CD Instant Recovery
Subliminal CD Golf Pro Mentality
Subliminal CD Winning Mentality
Subliminal CD Increase Aerobic Endurance
Subliminal CD Football Pro Mentality
Subliminal CD Resting Heart Rate

Inner Self
Subliminal CD Inner Self Subliminals
Subliminal CD Handling Criticism
Subliminal CD Learn To Love Yourself
Subliminal CD Managing Anger
Subliminal CD Inner Calm
Subliminal CD Control Your Desires
Subliminal CD Free Yourself From Envy
Subliminal CD Freedom From Guilt
Subliminal CD Free Yourself From Hate
Subliminal CD Find True Happiness
Subliminal CD Put An End To Negativity
Subliminal CD Develop Patience
Subliminal CD Freedom From Worry

Subliminal CD Success Subliminals
Subliminal CD Massive Motivation
Subliminal CD Decision Making
Subliminal CD Super Self Confidence
Subliminal CD Public Speaking
Subliminal CD Positive Thinking
Subliminal CD Set Goals
Subliminal CD Problem Solving
Subliminal CD Rock Solid Will Power
Subliminal CD Be More Organised
Subliminal CD High Level Communicator
Subliminal CD Self Discipline & Determination
Subliminal CD Be Intuititative

Reclaim a third of your life for self-improvement, learning and personal enrichment!

If you've ever wanted to master another language, cram up on any subject, commit to personal growth/change or just pass those exams -
then you've come to the right place.

Dramatically increase the rate at which you learn and comprehend!

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